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Vas county and the surrounding area are rich in culinary experiences. Below we would like to recommend some of our sister restaurants.

Forum – Roman Restaurant – Szombathely

Fórum étterem szombathely

Forum Restaurant

“Forum—where you can feel like an ancient Roman for the night” – Tamás Jordán

The real specialty of the two-floor restaurant is the Roman cellar that—apart from being of Roman origin, just like any other cellars in the town center—is a cellar running within the medieval castle walls with hundreds of years of history based on evidence.

A stylized Roman-era restaurant (with furniture, wall murals, tableware etc.) was created here with a menu of the finest dishes of classic Hungarian and international cuisines, also offering programs of pig roasts and Roman-era dinners. On request, even the organization of corporate or family gatherings is possible.

Please take a look at the menu and the gallery.

Pinka Smoke – BBQ restaurant and leisure relaxation park – Felsőcsatár

Pinka Smoke, a special gastronomy spot of Vas county, is located in the charming municipality of Felsőcsatár, on the Austrian border.

The restaurant’s experienced chefs not only prepare classic BBQ and smoked dishes, but also serve seasonal dishes using fresh local ingredients reimagined week by week.

The surroundings of the restaurant, Pinka Park, offers programs for the whole afternoon, with ponies, fire pits, delicious grapes, a garden pond and a playground.

Felsőcsatár with the Pinka ravine, the Iron curtain museum and the Pinka Smoke offers unique experiences!

Please take a look at the menu and the gallery.

Pinkasmoke étterem

Pinkasmoke Restaurant

Beyond all boundaries…

Öreg Sam Restaurant – classic family restaurant in the green belt of the inner city – Szombathely

Öreg sam

Öreg Sam​ Restaurant

“Cooking and eating good food is like making love. If one is satisfied with the piquancy, it can be repeated.”

One of the most popular restaurants, the Öreg Sam, is located in a special, almost arboretum-like garden where the border of Szombathely’s inner city and the green belt meet.

Its classic, mostly Hungarian-style cuisine, home-like flavors and outstanding hospitality made it so popular, and its clientele is so established that it is recommended to reserve a table in advance for weekends and busy times.

Please take a look at the menu and the gallery.

Komló Restaurant and Café – inner city style, main square elegance – Szombathely

Does the name ring a bell? Not by chance, as—similarly to the Komló in Gyula—this is another one of our sister restaurants.

Komló Szombathely is the most frequented café in the country seat that—in addition to classic café offerings—also offers street food, pizza, burgers, classics and dessert. It is also an excellent spot on the beautiful Fő square in Szombathely, and it even has a pleasant garden area.

Please take a look at the menu and the gallery.

Komló Étterem és Kávézó

Komló Restaurant

Fusion of street food gastronomy and art deco.

Charlie Restaurant and Guesthouse – rural hospitality – Sé

Charlie étterem és panzió

Charlie Restaurant and Guesthouse

Quality at affordable prices!

Sé, this strangely named village is located near Szombathely. Its guesthouse and restaurant are an established touristic point for locals as well as for travelers and cyclists.

Simple, but fast and friendly hospitality awaits guests with a tranquil, pleasant and quiet terrace.

Please take a look at the gallery.

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